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Wood Privacy Fence

Privacy fences sag because panels begin and end on each post and use smaller boards for the rails. Our fence is built on site; with full sixteen foot pressure treated 2x4’s. The joints of the top and bottom rails are on alternate posts of the middle rail. This process prevents sagging and produces a sturdier fence since each post is braced by the posts on either side of it. Applying the pickets individually after posts and 2x4’s are up, allows for smooth elevation changes. Our process makes your fence more durable, and maintains its original appearance longer, adding value and beauty to your home for many years to come.

  • Standard size is 6 feet tall. Can be left natural, stained or painted
  • Other styles and sizes available as custom fence


  • Pickets placed side by side, effective and least expensive

Board on Board

  • Two layers of pickets, a third picket that covers the seam between every two pickets, most effective for total privacy

Shadow Box

  • Pickets alternate on each side of the 2x4 rail. This is a semi – private fence that allows for the most airflow for summer breezes. It also allows for passage of stormy gusts putting less stress on fence





For examples of custom wood fence please see our Custom Projects Showcase page.